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Sometime in 2008 I installed Wordpress on this site. It's worth a look. A Stitch In Time

Just a thought.

Individuals must take ownership of their own spiritual affairs.


NAME: James P. Schweizer
OCCUPATION: Home Restoration
EDUCATION: Colby College, B.A.
BIRTH DATE: February 2, Imbolc
PLACE OF BIRTH: St. Louis, Missouri
LANGUAGES: English, Russian, Japanese

Retired tech company executive, educator and entrepreneur. What's a simple country farm boy to do now? Today, I'm restoring an 1800s house. Next year will be another adventure, because, as we all know, there's always another mountain to climb.

Digital nomad, life hacker or lifestyle designer, take your pick. Maybe you prefer another label? I'd prefer not to be labeled.

Oh, were you looking for Jim's bio?

Quantum Physics (or What am I?)

There is no resumé. There is no spoon. Potentialities and possibilities are all that exist until they are observed. And then what are they? nothing

I know it doesn't fit.